10 years research
16 md-phd
120 medical patents

Element Eight was developed by a multi-discipline team of experts that includes spine surgeons, biomaterial engineers, dermatologists and clinical researchers. Global leaders in their individual fields of expertise, our is comprised of 16 MD-PHDs that are responsible for 120 medical patents that have been used in over 100,000 surgeries globally.

ground-breaking technology developed for spine surgery 

Our proprietary oxygen carrier technology was developed to saturate bone grafts in oxygen for use in spine surgery. The oxygenated bone grafts accelerated the bodies growth of blood vessels through the bone grafts and enhanced healing times by 5x.

why we need oxygen

We breathe to transport oxygen to our cells. Our bodies use oxygen for cellular respiration and it super-charges the production of DNA, RNA, protein and enzymes. Oxygen fuels cell repair and cellular turnover.

60% of the skin’s oxygen levels are lost by age 40

Oxygen is delivered to our skin cells by hemoglobin in our red blood cells. As we age, the body diverts oxygen supplies to our vital organs. In our skin, capillaries dry and disappear.

Oxygen depletion is the leading cause of the signs of aging and leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and the development of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration.

oath™: oxygen
amplified therapy
the topical hemoglobin

OATH ™ is a proprietary complex of topically applied oxygen carriers that hold dissolved, liquid oxygen. OATH ™ mimics the function of hemoglobin in the blood: it carries 20x more oxygen than water and delivers it directly to your skin cells

oath™ improves the biological function
of the skin

OATH™ stimulates microcirculation, improving the body’s natural ability to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to skin cells.

 OATH™ creates a healthy cell environment that improved the efficacy of every active ingredient in your skincare routine

 OATH™ improves the regenerative process of the skin: oxygen delivery enhances cellular turnover and improves collagen and elastin production

no one delivers oxygen better