the power of oxygen

Our singular OATH™ (Oxygen Amplified Therapy) technology was developed by a globally-acclaimed medical team that has spent 10+ years developing patented oxygen delivery systems for spine surgery and bone grafts.

From spine surgery to skincare

Developed initially to deliver oxygen to bone tissue during reparative spinal surgery, our refined, proprietary technology encapsulates oxygen and delivers it directly to skin cells. Contrary to long-held beliefs, studies show that oxygen can be applied topically through skincare products. That means our innovations have breakthrough uses in orthopedics, wound care and cosmetics. By delivering more oxygen straight to your dermal and epidermal cells, we breathe new life into your skin, repairing damage, reversing aging and restoring youth.

An unrivaled team of experts

Made up of scientists dermatologists, spine surgeons, trauma surgeons in dermatology and dermatopathology, our core team are all MDs or PHds, with a combined 120 patents. Proprietary products developed by our team have been used in over fifty thousand spine and orthopedic procedures throughout the world. Our research team has been awarded national grants to develop and test our formulations and they’ve already been issued four patents, with four more pending, for our oxygen delivery technology.

20x more oxygen for your skin

OATH™ is a patent pending, proprietary technology that delivers molecular oxygen and other active nutrients directly into your skin, replenishing the levels of oxygen that diminish with age. Through the use of a curated blend of oxygen carriers that can hold 20x more oxygen than water, ELEMENT EIGHT skincare delivers oxygen deep in to your skin cells,  rebuilding collagen and boosting cell regeneration. Molecular oxygen delivered at the cellular level also improves the efficacy of all active ingredients, helping to delay and reverse the visible signs of aging. Our innovative, airtight and multilayer packaging preserves the integrity of our concentrated oxygen and dispenses our formulations with zero contamination or loss of oxygen.

Clinical results

Throughout a decade of dedicated research, innovation and investment, our technology has been rigorously tested. A recent clinical test group of 32 individuals tested our products at one hour, one-week, 4-week and 12-week intervals at an independent ISO9001 certified clinical testing laboratory.

  • From the test group

  • 97 %

    Said their skin was more hydrated

  • 90 %

    Said their skin was smoother and softer

  • 87 %

    Said their skin was more nourished and less blemished

  • Testers' results showed up to

  • 60 %

    reduction in number of deep wrinkles

  • 61 %

    reduction in number of crow’s feet wrinkles

  • 78 %

    tonicity improvement 

  • After 1 hour, our Anti-Aging formula demonstrated

  • 30 %

    Reduction of the area of fine lines

  • 25 %

    Reduction of deep wrinkles

  • 17 %

    Reduction in the number of wrinkles


Benefits for your skin